19 Delicious
Guilt-Free Desserts

Craving something sweet in your life, but you don’t want to derail your diet?

With these recipes, you can indulge and still be able to zip up your pants tomorrow!

Dessert just got a makeover!

Tired of so-called “healthy” desserts that taste like cardboard? Us, too! We collaborated with a culinary expert to create 19 delicious recipes that are easy to make and won’t tip the scales.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our favorites:

Blackberry Cheesecake Popsicles
Less than 10 minutes to make and only 200 calories.
Frozen Peanut Butter Cups
A healthier take on a classic favorite!
Cookie Dough Collagen Bites
Your skin will thank you for this one!
Vanilla Bean Mug Cake
This treat is packed with protein.
Lime Cookie Bites
We’ve gotten thank you cards in the mail for sharing this recipe.

Get Access to 19 Delicious Guilt-Free Desserts

Life’s too short to skip dessert. Enjoy these guilt-free indulgences.

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These Recipes Are Getting Tons of Love

Now That Dessert’s Sorted, What about breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks?

We know how overwhelming it can be to try to eat healthy without tethering yourself to the kitchen and eating icky, boring meals.

So, if you like the idea of guilt-free dessert recipes, how about getting access to 800+ healthy recipes that will nourish your body while contributing to weight loss?

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